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Major Grants

Major Grants

When problems are truly large, the more help we can all give and participate in solutions, the more we can make an impact. Therefore C&S focuses major grant investments in four specific areas. This focus represents an effort by C&S to make a significant impact and to drive change.

Please note that all of our major grants are available by invitation only; applications are initiated by C&S.

Hunger Grants

Applications are accepted by invitation only from statewide or regional food banks that are members of the Feeding America network and are located in areas where C&S operates. Major Grants to food banks are for programs, projects, equipment, or general operations. 

Note:  Local community kitchens and food pantries within 20 miles of a C&S facility are eligible for Mini Grant consideration.

Hunger Leadership Grants 

The aim of our Hunger Leadership grants is to inspire and train young people with new ideas and fresh energy to address the root causes of hunger in the United States, particulary childhood hunger. Applications are by invitation only.

Community and Children's Issue Grants

C&S supports the United Way's approach, actions and impact on key social services issues in our communities.  Although not required to complete the Major Grant application, United Ways from coast to coast receive support from C&S through a dollar-for-dollar match to our associates' donations. Our Major Grant investment in children focuses on children's literacy and is specific to First Book. 


Support is directed to The Conservation Fund to further the goals of the Go Zero program, and to the Student Conservation Association.

Applications are by invitation only. 

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