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Recent Mini Grant Recipients

At C&S we strive to participate in our communities as an engaged, values-driven corporate citizen. Our Community Involvement is lead by our principles, driven by purpose, and oriented towards outcomes.

To view a (partial) list of both local and national organizations we support, please see the C&S Community Involvement Report, published annually since 2004, or click through the photos below to see some local, high-impact examples.

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Charleston Waterkeeper South Carolina
Grantee 2017

C&S is pleased to sponsor this active community group whose mission is to ensure that the waterways of Charleston are clean for drinking, swimming, and fishing by providing water quality monitoring, patrols, educational programs, and a Volunteer Corps.

Fly Movement Texas
Grantee 2017

Fly Movement provides fitness trackers for economically disadvantaged kids. The program encourages children to reach fitness goals through fun, rewarding team competitions. With diabetes and obesity on the rise, C&S is happy to assist Fly Movement in getting kids moving!

Homeward Vets Massachusetts
Grantee 2017

Homeward Vets helps veterans transition from homelessness by finding them places to live and providing furniture.  A Mini Grant from C&S will help bring dignity and comfort to these men and women who gave so much for us all. 

Free Medical Clinic of DuBois Pennsylvania
Grantee 2017

At this community clinic, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals volunteer their time to provide free health care and medicine to uninsured people “with dignity and confidentiality.” A Mini Grant from C&S will help keep the clinic’s doors open to everyone in need.

Children's Home of Stockton California
Grantee 2017

The Children’s Home of Stockton is a residential center providing specialized treatment, education, and enrichment services for emotionally disturbed children. In 2017, the Home approached C&S for support for their music program.  Students have the opportunity to participate in a class to learn how to build, maintain, and repair instruments. Our Mini Grant will defray the cost of purchasing supplies for the refabrication class.

Surry Volunteer Fire Department New Hampshire
Grantee 2017

When a 19-year old firefighter in New York died wearing an unfamiliar, poorly fitted face mask, an all-volunteer fire department in a small town near our corporate headquarters vowed to provide all of its members with individual safety equipment. C&S was proud to contribute towards a campaign to purchase protective face masks for the department.

Meals on Wheels Hawaii
Grantee 2017

The aloha spirit of hospitality finds its highest expression in the services of Hawai‘i Meals on Wheels—delivering hot, nutritious meals to seniors and individuals with disabilities. A C&S Mini Grant will help keep the table set for Meals on Wheels clients. 

Clean the World Foundation Florida
Grantee 2017

What if we took all the barely used soaps from hotels and collected them for people in need? We’d not only prevent landfill waste, we’d also slow the spread of disease around the world caused by lack of access to hygiene supplies. C&S awarded a Mini Grant to the Soap  in Schools program, which provides free personal care kits to families.