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Grants & Sponsorships

From paradigm-changing major grants for national organizations to Mini Grants for small, community projects, C&S is an active supporter of positive change.

Our corporate giving is grouped into three categories: 

Major Grants

These are substantive grants awarded to established organizations with regional or national networks. The focus of our major grant investments are on the issue we are most concerned about: hunger. Some support is provided for national groups that address childhood literacy, children’s health and disaster relief. We have close relationships with our major grantees; they have missions we believe in, broad reach, excellent track records, a high level of efficiency, strong financials and leaders with great integrity. Proposals are by invitation only as we are focused on strengthening existing relationships.

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Mini Grants

Support to run a Meals on Wheels program. Food for a nonprofit’s annual staff picnic.  Funding for a local library, volunteer fire department, or an organization that engages young people in creative ways. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of money to make a big difference. Our C&S Mini Grant program is designed to strengthen communities by supporting the small changes that unite people and bring results.

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Event Sponsorships

As a caring corporate neighbor headquartered in Keene, NH, C&S sponsors lively, colorful events which are mostly free and open to everyone in the community.  Many of these events are large-scale with tens of thousands of people attending.  All are produced by nonprofit organizations and make our hometown and the surrounding area great places to live and work. Proposals are by invitation only as we are focused on existing relationships.

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