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Encouraging Volunteerism

Encouraging Volunteerism

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves.

For more than ninety years, C&S has been built by the pride, purpose and excellence of our associates. We are grateful that thousands of men and women choose to invest their skills and talents as members of this enterprise. Their leadership distinguishes our performance and their values inspire our broader mission as a corporate citizen. A heritage of service and civic responsibility is the bedrock for our commitment to community. It is the skills, energy and initiative of our associates that activates that tradition to create transformative change.

At C&S, you’ll find that what we do best is to establish goals, and exceed them. Just visit a warehouse and you’ll see sleeves rolled up and people ready to deliver excellence. The same is true when we unite to fill the shelves of a food bank, paint a community center, raise resources to treat children with cancer, and support community-based organizations.

Volunteerism Programs

To support the volunteer ethic of our associates, C&S invites participation in a range of programs and initiatives.

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