C&S Community Grocers


The key to a successful evaluation is to gather data that is useful to you and other garden stakeholders, then use that data to improve your garden program.

At the beginning of the season, create a logic model and evaluation plan to guide work and offer evaluation tools at the end of the summer. Use the plan to ask a few short questions based on the project goals, to focus evaluation efforts and ensure the information gathered will be useful to stakeholders.

Information can be gathered from:

  • Gardener pre-surveys
  • After-workshop evaluations
  • Gardener focus groups
  • Leadership surveys
  • End of season gardener surveys
  • Hunger partner & educators interviews
  • Informal conversations with gardeners throughout the growing season

Data that can be gathered from garden sites:

  • Participation data (number of gardeners/bed/locations)
  • Observiations of physical garden sites
  • Weights of produce donations
  • Pound of compost
  • Photos documenting the physical transformation of the garden

A report and recommendations can be compiled based on data gathered from all sources, as well as research and information from other companies with workplace gardens, gardening professionals and educational institutions.