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Employee Roles - Workplace Gardens

Employee Roles - Workplace Gardens

Following are sample roles that can be adapted according to the management, leadership, scope, and focus of your workplace garden project.

Project Senior Leadership: Aligns project with overall company culture and resources; establishes expectations for communication, outreach, and teamwork; supports organizational continuity.

Garden Educator: Can be an Outside Contractor, especially for companies with more than one site. Develops and implements skills- and/or topic-based educational programming based on employee gardeners’ interests; provides on-site and/or off-site support and materials for gardeners at all levels of experience.

Project Coordinator: Can be an Outside Contractor, especially for companies with more than one site. Ensures year-to-year transfer of project knowledge and leadership; develops plans and works with Site Coordinators to implement and evaluate based on site-specific needs and timelines.

Garden Site Coordinator: Provides a first point of contact for employee gardeners; helps orient co-workers to garden site procedures and resources; coordinates with Outside Contractors, Facilities Personnel, and Project Senior Leadership; facilitates gardeners’ sense of community and teamwork.

Employee Gardener: Participates actively in growing food, maintaining garden plots, donating produce as able, and communicating issues and ideas with Site Coordinators.

Facilities Personnel: Contributes to the garden site through maintenance of grounds and infrastructure, anticipating and responding to facilities issues, and communicating with Site Coordinators, Outside Contractors, and Senior Leadership as needed.

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