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Additional Resources

Additional Resources


American Community Gardening Association
This website offers helpful tips on how to start a community garden, ways to connect with others involved in community gardening, and ongoing support for garden leaders.

National Gardening Association
This organization provides resources on how to start gardening, the latest garden-related research, and connects gardeners with eachother.

List of Master Gardeners by State
American Horticultural Society

List of Cooperative Extensions by State
USDA. Cooperative Extensions can be a wealth of information about planting, pests and diseases specific to your area.


Topic Specific

Many good guides and books out there; contact your local university or bookstore

Food Preservation University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Insect Pests, Ticks, & Plant Diseases University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Gardening with Children


A resource specifically targetted towardsgardening for children.  

Community Garden Manuals

While some of the information included in the following community garden manuals will not be directly relevant to workplace gardens, much of the basic tips should be helpful, particularly around picking a garden site, developing infastructure, forming your garden purpose, maintaining participation,a nd managing volunteers

Community Garden Connections Education Manual
Antioch University New England

Gardening Matter: Community Garden Start-up Guide

Starting a Community Garden
University of Wisconsin Extension