C&S Community Grocers
Internal Communications Plan

Internal Communications Plan

Our Employee-Gardener Communications Plan was developed to:

  • Develop clear & accessible lines of communication between the Garden Leadership Team & the Employee Gardeners
  • Promote employee confidence in the Workplace Gardens project
  • Foster team-building & sense of community among Employee Gardeners
  • Build employee-gardener skills, knowledge, and confidence in gardening
  • Clarify expectations of gardeners of the company
  • Increase & sustain participation
  • Provide measures for accountability
  • Aimplify problem-solving
  • Lift Employee morale & sense of purpose
  • Provide up-to-date info on the project and gardening in general
  • Provide opportunities for employees to provide feedback on project

 This plan is focused on communicating with employees involved or interested in the Workplace Organic Gardens. Click here to download.