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Informational Signage

Informational Signage

While communication is more of a systematic element to garden operations, there are several physical features you can add to your workplace site to promote communication & garden learning.

Bulletin board
Best placed in an easily viewed & accessed area of garden.  Protect with a weather-proof viewing case or under shelter. Garden Leadership use for posting garden education tips, garden guidelines, announcements, etc

Dry Erase board
Best placed in an easily viewed & accessed area of garden.  Protect under shelter. Gardener-to-gardener communication board for posting announcements, requesting assistance, & general communication; Garden Leadership to Employee Gardener communication for same purposes

Garden Sign

  • Place at the front/entrance to the garden with good visibility.
  • Sign itself should be colorful, attractive & depict the nature of the garden project. Sign content should include the garden name & its mission in large lettering, readable from a distance. Sign material should be as weather-proof as possible. Sign should be mounted on a sturdy post that stands at average eye-level.
  • Provides information on Workplace Organic Gardens project & mission for other employees and/or visitors

Educational signs

  • Depending on how your garden is set-up it may be useful to put up other educational signage around the gardens.  Some possible signage might include: 
  • Beside the compost system to instruct what should be done with garden waste and how piles should be maintained;
  • In the Community Giving plot(s) that instruct volunteers on the maintenance, harvest, and donation systems
  • In the Community Giving plot(s) or other communal plots that identify plants
  • At the garden gate with instructions/warnings for using electric fencing, if present