C&S Community Grocers


Targeting Reduction

C&S continues to invest in network optimization technology to reduce the number of miles traveled by our trucks, thus saving fuel and lowering our impact on the environment. We estimate saving 400,000 gallons of diesel fuel in a 12 month period; this represents reduced emission of 8.9 million pounds of CO2 at 22.2 lbs per gallon. That’s the equivalent of the average annual footprint of more than 220 Americans. (Equivalent calculation provided by The Conservation Fund)

C&S experimented with biodiesel fuel several years ago, however our trucks did not perform favorably, caused in part by temperature-related issues. We will continue to follow biodiesel technology and to reconsider this in the future.

Onboard computer systems ensure that our trucks run as efficiently as possible and track idling rates. Aerodynamicly designed new trucks have decreased drag and increased fuel efficiency.  To safely transport frozen and perishable foods, our trucks use environmentally-friendly refrigerants that meet or exceed standards.