C&S Community Grocers


Our 700 new and upgraded tractors and refrigerated trailers are efficient and engineered with:

  • Cutting edge transmission technology (governs speed and helps support enhanced fuel consumption)
  • Aluminum wheels (reduces vehicle weight)
  • Aerocaps, skirts and cab extenders (reduces air drag)
  • Electric standby for refrigerated trailers (reduced emissions and noise)
  • Low-rolling resistant tires with 3x recapping capability and inflation systems (extended tire life, reduced air drag and reduced fuel consumption)

Recently accomplished:

  • 5.7 million gallons of diesel eliminated
  • 1 pilot (alternative fuel)
  • Aerodynamic enhancements
  • Scrap recycling
    • Approx. 3M lbs of scrap/assets per year
  • Reefer emissions technology to reduce:
    • CO2 GHG by 55%
    • Particulate matter by 58%
    • Hydrocarbons (NOx) by 45%
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