C&S Community Grocers


In 2018, C&S made great strides in energy conservation and efficiencies in our buildings through:

Continued Installation of LED Lighting

Since 2013, LED lighting projects have been completed at 23 C&S facilities. The LED lighting systems utilize intelligent controls that automatically shut off or dim lights when no occupants are in an aisle or on the dock. This project has and will continue to save millions of kilowatt hours per year.

Upgraded Battery Chargers

We installed iBOS Battery Management Systems in distribution centers in four states, leading to a 3.8% reduction in batteries and a 2.5% reduction in chargers.

Improved Refrigeration Operations

C&S has launched a pilot study at our freezer distribution center in Aberdeen, MD. The study will lead to development of a  Refrigeration Energy Management Plan to be implemented throughout the company.

Expanded Energy Star Portfolio® Manager

We identified efficiency opportunities in 30 facilities using Energy Star®.

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